Samaya Ayurveda Kapha Supplements


As with all desires for skincare improvement, it is not just always what you put on your skin which matters as much as what you put into your body. To that end I was kindly sent the Kapha supplements to try recently and I’ve been taking them consistently over the lockdown period.

The supplements contain a blend of Ayurvedic herbs which have been combined with skin loving Hyaluronic Acid, CoQ10 and Vitamins C and E (so a literal anti ageing powerhouse concoction). Not only do the supplements address supporting collagen production in the skin (and from within more importantly which is the only non invasive way that these ingredients can properly reach into the depths, I do not believe that conventional creams can go deep enough without some invasive tool to encourage deeper absorption of the ingredients or incredibly rigorous massage) but perhaps even more importantly given the current public health emergency they are also good for strengthening the immune system and reducing tiredness.

Additional powerhouse ingredients include traditional Turmeric (healing), Gotu Kola (also for healing), Triphala (detoxification and immune system supporting ingredient), Aloe Vera (digestion and treating skin conditions), Ashwaghanda (stress manager) and Ginger (anti inflammatory).

As a believer of the benefits of all these ingredients, assisted by my own Indian heritage, I have believed and felt the benefits of these tablets for the month I have been taking them for. As a vegetarian I tend to suffer from serious fatigue and have felt that the Kapha supplements have genuinely contributed to reducing that fatigue and optimising the brains’ performance to deal with the stress of COVID-19 increased work pressures. I’ve additionally been drinking water consistently as well so this has also helped.

Some other winners for me have been the fact that the supplements are 100% natural and Vegan. The costs of the supplements are for 60 capsules – £39.00. The supplements are available to purchase from here.

The supplements for my oily skin are complimented by the corresponding Kapha skincare range which you are also encouraged to explore, particularly the Kapha cleanser!


Sunny x




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